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Tax Preparation in Fort Collins, CO

If you need assistance with Fort Collins, CO, tax preparation, Eileen McInerney CPA PC can help you. With more than 20 years of experience preparing taxes for a variety of clients, we have the knowledge and skills to help you prepare a filing with accuracy, integrity, and efficiency. Instead of spending hours figuring out the IRS's complex tax codes and rules, let us do the work for you.

We know better than anyone what is required of accountants. We need to be responsive, answering questions and addressing concerns in a timely and organized fashion. We also need to be attentive to detail so that we can make sure to qualify you for as many deductions as possible. Finally, we need to have experience with the IRS in case you need help with an audit. We have all those qualities, and we are ready to demonstrate them for you. We want to have a strong, working relationship with you, and we employ flexible hours so that we can stay in touch as much as possible. With us, you can always expect:

  • Concern for client satisfaction
  • Availability and dependability
  • Prompt responses to questions

Eileen McInerney CPA PC is the name to know for a Fort Collins, CO, tax preparation service that you can count on. Call us today to schedule an appointment.